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Motivating children to go to school

We want to do everything within our power to motivate as many children and their families as possible to make sure all children go to school to get an education. Janta Basic School has been providing the following facilities to school children with objectives of increasing the quality of education and motivating children for education.

  • Free textbooks to children of all classes
  • Free Admission and Tuition fee to all students
  • Free computer classes
  • Regular extra activities and sports facilities to motivate children and broaden their knowledge
  • Conducting weekly class test and regular exams for identifying each students’ strength and weakness in each subject
  • Counselling with guardians and students about student problems.
  • School uniforms and sports dress for all students
  • Traditional sherpa dress for all students and teachers


Cost of school uniforms

Help us by contributing to provide all children with the dresses and material they need to focus on their studies and feel happy going to school.

  • One traditional sherpa dress: 45 USD/student
  • One sports dress: 15 USD/student
  • One mandatory school uniform: 10 USD/student
  • In total for one student: 70 USD

Cost of material

  • Cost of materials usch as note books and pens: 10 USD per student per year