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About Us

Ascent-Aid is a non-profit organization working for the welfare of Nepalese society. The organization is actively working to eliminate poverty, insecurity, and illiteracy among the Nepalese.

Ascent-Aid is continuously working hard to unite different sectors of people for the creation of a harmonious, strong, healthy, and economically stable society. The organization aims to achieve this goal by organizing different awareness, training, women empowerment, and health campaigns.

Ascent-Aid is a politically neutral organization. Ascent-Aid acts independently driven by the values we forged- free from the influence of people with different political views. We intend to join hands with volunteers who are longing for a chance to help people in need.


We at the Ascent-Aid envision prosperous Nepal and skilled & capable Nepalese.

We vision a country where all its people are healthy, educated, independent, respected, and at peace. We dream of people who are more than willing to lend hands to the people who are in desperate need; be it at a desperate hour or a desperate situation.

We at the Ascent-Aid strive to create a beautiful, united, and peaceful society where each and every individual has a part to play on their own. We aspire to move towards a positive future where people no longer need the help of others for their basic needs; where the rights to education are secured; where health services are guaranteed; where environment and mother nature is respected; where women’s rights are protected and human rights are celebrated.


The Ascent-Aid has two main goals: to improve the overall status of Nepalese people & its society; to develop Nepal as a prosperous country.

We intend to achieve this goal by breaking it up into two parts: short-term goals and long-term goals.

In the first phase of this process, we will concentrate our focus on activities that will immediately have an impact on society. These types of activities include (but are not restricted to) running health camps in remote areas, running training camps for women and the marginalized to enhance real-life skills, to help establish and run basic infrastructures such as schools and hospitals. 

In the long run, we tend to change society on its core by running awareness campaigns of women’s rights and human rights; by providing rehabilitation for the addicted; by running environmental campaigns to make the society cleaner, safer, and a better place to live in.


  1. To help solve existing education, health, poverty and environment-related problems in different regions of Nepal
  2. To improve the education status of poor and marginalized people and to assist in creating temporary funds for establishing health centers. What does Akshay-Kosh mean?
  3. To aid in producing self-dependent manpower by organizing real-life skill and self employment-based training
  4. To run awareness campaigns on population, environment, healthcare, and sanitation associated subjects
  5. To organize programs related to biogas so that environmental pollution can be gradually eradicated.
  6. To run programs that will directly benefit the poor, helpless, children, women, and senior citizens which will eventually play a role in the overall betterment of the society.
  7. To provide economic, physical, and mental support to perpetually sick, cancer, kidney, and heart disease victims.
  8. To spread awareness of women’s rights; make them capable and self-reliant by setting up training programs.
  9. To run programs of self-sustainability on remote Himalayan areas by gathering technical, human, and other forms of aid from national and international sources.
  10. To create environments by organizing events where the marginalized people can collaborate among themselves to raise the economic and education status.
  11. To organize awareness campaigns and plantation and forest conservation programs to make the environment clean and pollution-free.
  12. To pull children, youth, and others from the abyss of addiction and organize special programs to make them strong and capable.
  13. To utilize different mediums of communications (newspaper, radio, television, street drama, and others) to spread awareness and relay important information.
  14. To conserve, repair, and advertise the religious and tourist attractions of Nepal; to identify the new potential destinations and deliver information on the national and international arena.
  15. To establish and run schools, hospitals, and old age homes aimed at poor and marginalized people in remote areas.
  16. To provide emergency and long term support to people affected by natural disasters.