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Emergency safety preparation

Safety preparations

Earthquakes and landslides are common in Nepal, and it is important to have safety preparations in order if an emergency happens at the school. We want to make sure all students and teachers feel safe while being at the school area. A lot of time, hand work and money has been put into building the school and to make it a good place for children to get quality education and it is important to protect the facilities as well as the students and teachers.

In the case of fire at the school, we will invest in several hand fire extinguisher, that is fast and easy to handle and place one in each school building.

In case of a larger fire should happen at school or in a house nearby the school area, we want to invest in a 10.000-liter water tank placed at the highest point within the school area. By connecting a 1000-meter hose to the tank, the fire can be put out quickly wherever it starts. Same water tank can also be used for watering the school plantations at the Sherpa Agro Academy.

We will also provide proper training for several people to make sure they understand what to do in an emergency. Also students and teachers will be trained and informed of how to avoid risk of fire and what to do if fire starts at the school.

During the earthquake in 2015 Ascent Aid Nepal learned a lot about what safety and relief equipment that is needed when the disaster has happened. Therefore, we are aiming to build a storage in Patle with all necessary emergency equipment needed, such as tents, medical supplies, blankets, etc.