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Support the agriculture project

We will create an ecosystem of green houses where students will learn about modern agriculture and at the same time grow their own food for school lunch and contribute to school running costs. To make this happen, we need your help!


The Idea of the agriculture project

We believe that children will learn better and faster if they eat good and healthy food, but not all children have that possibility when they have a long way to go to reach the school. Therefore, in 2020 Ascent Aid Nepal built, with the help of donations, a school kitchen to be able to provide warm, healthy, nutritious food for all 100 students and 8 teachers for free. Buying and transportation cost for all ingredients such as vegetables is expensive and requires a lot of money every month, even if we buy big amounts at a time. That gave the founder and chairman of the school, Pemba Sherpa, the idea of growing all of the vegetables needed at the school area and at the same time teaching the students about modern agriculture. We are now starting one of our biggest projects since the building of the school, we call it the Sherpa Agro Academy.


Our Goal and Vision

By building 10 big green houses on the school area just above the school buildings, the students will have the opportunity to learn how to grow all kinds of vegetables, trees and other plants with the help of modern agriculture techniques under the guidance of well educated agriculture teachers. Each green house will produce different kinds of vegetables but also its own soil.

All vegetables will be planted and taken care of by the students themselves and will be first of all used for food in school. This will provide the students with a sense of pride and honor to be able to eat what they have planted themselves and understand how the agriculture process works.

Today the school is completely dependent on donations. By selling some of the quality plants and trees to people outside of school we are creating an important and vital ecosystem where some of the school running costs like teacher salaries can be covered. This makes the school less vulnerable, making sure that even when less donations are coming in, the students continue to get the quality education they deserve.


Help us creating an ecosystem

The project has just started. So far the platforms for the green houses and a road to get to the platforms have been created with the generous help from Michael “add lastname” from Sweden. Now we need your help for the next step. The project needs donations for buying the material needed for the green houses, watering system, modern agriculture equipment and seeds for planting.