When i first visited Patle , the very first thing that i noticed was that the School was in very poor condition and there was lack of space for sports activity  . I inspected the area. So, I and my family decided to donate my own Family land (295,704 sq.ft) for the well-being of the children and school. In the process of renovating the school and setting up new building, I received aid from Karina Oliani, Andrei Polessi from Dharma Institute located in Brazil. Not only that, they also beared all the operating cost, appointing teachers, and land for sports ground and building was also donated.   For establishing next building we received help from Renata and Fredrick residing in Sweden, from their Crop challenge Project.

For providing salary to the teachers we received help from Johan Ernst Nilson – Swedish Explorer, Goran Thulin, Adam Lennart Gillberg and Liv Maria Jonsson from Sweden, Umberto and his friends, who lives in Italy, Thysson Williams from United States,

Now, we are currently teaching more than 100 students with the help of 4 teachers.

We want to engage more students and educate them which is only possible if we received aid from more people. So, we have a humble request for your help. You can donate the amount according to your wish. This help would be a great initiation and motivation to educate more people and develop our nation.