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Support for teacher salary


The running cost for the school such as teacher salary, education material such as books and cost for food for daily school lunch is payed mainly with the help of donations from generous people from all over the world. Without these important donations we would’t be able to pay our teachers and without teachers the children won’t get the quality education they deserve to be able to dream of a better future for themselves and their families.


During the years we have received help from our friends Karina Oliani and Andrei Polessi from Dharma Institute located in Brazil and Renata Chlumska and Fredrik Herlin Hjort residing in Sweden, from their Crop challenge Project. For providing salary to the teachers we have received help from Ola Skinnarmo and Johan Ernst Nilson – Swedish Explorers, Goran Thulin, Adam Lennart Gillberg, Helene Biehler, Liv Maria Jonsson from Sweden, Umberto and his friends from Italy and Thysson Williams from United States.


What we need help with

At the moment, we are currently teaching more than 100 students with the help of 9 teachers. 5  teachers are privately financed and the other 4 teachers are financed by the Nepal government. We want the best possible teachers with high education and modern teaching skills to educate our students and for that we need your help. One teacher salary is around 150-200 dollars per month. You can donate the amount according to your own wish. Every donation no matter how small is a huge help.

This help would be a great initiation and motivation to educate more people and develop our nation.