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School running cost

The running cost for the school includes teacher salaries for five teachers, cook salary and lunch cost for about 100 students and teachers. This becomes a cost of 1800 USD per year. The largest cost today is the food cost with 900 USD per month and a large part of that cost is transportation cost of food to the village.

This is why the agriculture project is very important for the school, for the students and for the future of the school. For now, we need to buy all vegetables needed for lunch. The sooner we can finish the agriculture project and start the Sherpa Agro Academy, the sooner we can grow all vegetables needed to cook food for all students and teachers every day. We can save money for food.

The approximate cost for finishing the agriculture project is somewhere between 10,000-15,000 USD depending on the size and material cost of the green houses and how many greenhouses we can buy. For the moment we have received donations from Michael Hansen from Sweden (5000Euro) and Thomas Martensson from Sweden (1000 Euro) to start the project and create the platforms for the green houses. The platforms are now finished and some of the money will be used to buy the first green houses.

Calculation of monthly running cost

Five teachers salary: 800 US dollars per month

Cook salary: 100 US Dollars per month

Lunch cost: 900 US dollars per month

Total running cost per month 1800US dollars


Cost of school uniform

Due to the pandemic, we have during the last two years been prioritizing teacher salaries and food cost to make sure that education can continue. This means that we now have 50 new students that doesn’t have a sports dress and a traditional Sherpa dress. We want all student to have the school uniforms used at the school and today half of the students don’t have the right clothes. We are planning to provide all new students with one sport dress and one Sherpa dress each, in May-June 2022. For this we are in need of help. The cost is 60 USD per student. For all 50 new students that is a cost of 3000 USD.

One traditional Sherpa dress: 45 USD/student

One sports dress: 15 USD/student

One mandatory school uniform: 10 USD/student

In total for one student: 70 USD per year (every new student)


Cost of materials

note books and pens: 10 USD per student per year