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Support for emergency help

During the devastating earthquake in Nepal in 2015, most of the houses in Patle were destroyed. People were helpless and due to poor road condition relief materials were hard to supply. People from different part of the world came for rescue operations like Karina Oliani from Brazil, Caddia from Thailand, and Pemba Sherpa. Road was not in good condition so rescue operations were carried out by the help of helicopter.  Temporary Shelter, Water and Food were provided to the people. In Sindhupalchowk , mobile heath camp were established with the help of foreigners doctors for 1 week . Karina Oliani and her team remained for 1 week to help all the people suffering from different problems and diseases.  Various surgeries were carried out within 1 week. The people who could not afford medicine or did not have access to hospitals were treated in free of cost.  Various vaccinations programs were also carried out and the rescue operations were also carried out in various places of Kathmandu. The earlier rescues were sudden and we could not provide enough relief materials and help.

What we need help with

For future emergencies we are preparing ourselves to make sure we can help fast when needed. We need your help to carry on relief projects smoothly.