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Help motivating students to stay in school

In Nepal it is not mandatory to go to school. Therefore we want to do everything within our power to motivate as many children and their families as possible to make sure all children go to school to get an education. Every student at our school in Patle is getting books, school bags, school dress, cultural sherpa dress and other educational materials free of cost. Weekly programs like games, sports and cultural programs are conducted, so that children feel good going to the school. With the recently built school kitchen all children are now provided with warm and healthy food for free.


What we need help with

New students are coming every year to the school and they need new books, school bags and School uniforms. Students grow and need new clothes. They finish their note books.  This is a cost that we need help with to make sure all children have what they need to feel good going to school. All children need a school uniform and this is provided by Ascent Aid. Help us by contributing to provide all children with the dresses and material they need to focus on their studies and feel happy going to school.


Cost of school uniforms

  • One traditional sherpa dress: 45 USD/student
  • One sports dress: 15 USD/student
  • One mandatory school uniform: 10 USD/student
  • In total for one student: 70 USD

Cost of material

  • Cost of materials usch as note books and pens: 10 USD per student per year


A small donations will help a lot for our students. You can for example help by supporting one student one whole year.