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School uniforms

About 100 students are studying in Janata Basic School in Khiji Demba Gaunpalika-9 Patle of Okhaldhunga. They are mostly children of the Sherpa community. All students wear a school uniform prescribed by the Government of Nepal.

Students also need special clothes to do sports in. Therefore Ascent Aid Nepal has also provided all students with a sports dress. 

Traditional Sherpa dress

Now students and teachers of the Sherpa community studying in the school should will wear the traditional ethnic dress of the Sherpa community two days a week. The school management committee has decided to make the ethnic dress of Sherpas compulsory for students and teachers on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It is the first school in the district to use ethnic dress as a school uniform.

Pemba Sherpa, the chairperson of the school management committee, said:

the Sherpa dress has been introduced in education to preserve their ethnic dress from the school level. The preservation of culture has been started from the village school as it is losing its identity with modernity.

Ascent Aid Nepal helped 3,500USD to provide Sherpa uniforms to RTP Slot the students and nine teachers. Chairman Sherpa himself is chairman of Ascent Aid Nepal too.


The children studying in this school wear the school uniform prescribed by the Government of Nepal on Sunday and Monday, Sherpa traditional dress on Tuesday and Wednesday and sports dress on Thursday and Friday. 

Student with Government Recommended Dress

Student in Traditional Sherpa Dress

Student in Sports Dress