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Community Peace Center project


 The idea of the Sangak Chholing community Peace Center is to offer a shared place for the people of Patle, and for all people visiting Patle, a place to find inner peace no matter economical abilities.

At the Peace Center the visitor will be able to learn about mindfulness, the way to help finding self-awareness in order to calm down the mind and find peace within yourself. It will enhance self-development to become more accepting, compassioned and through this become more successful in life. This Peace Center is for all members of a family no matter age, economical abilities, gender or nationality. The peace center offers also an open place for the community to come together through different programs and arrangements.

This picture provides an overall idea of what the Peace Center will look like. The Peace Center contains of four different projects, each one with its own special purpose:

  • Peace Meditation Monastery
  • Community Education Hall
  • Community Historical Museum
  • Peace Park


The Peace Meditation Monastery is the main attraction of the Peace Center and will work as a meditation center for anyone who wants to stay for a month or so to find peace through meditation and mindfulness training and education. The main goal is to enhance cultural, religious and history exchange as well as traditional community programs. The building will be a 2-floor, traditional looking monastery, with a large meditation hall on first floor and a meditation studio for lama on second floor. This picture will provide an idea of the design and materials that will be used.

On the opposite sides of the monastery is the buildings containing the Community Educational Hall and the Community History Museum. The community educational hall will work as a big outdoor theatre that offers a place to have both community and private programs such as weddings and funerals as well as educational programs, lectures and community meetings with space for 400 people at the same time. The hall with have facilities like a projector to be able to show educational movies and presentations.

The community history museum is a very important part of the peace center. Many cities and villages have their own museum to preserve the history of the previous generations who has lived here before us in order to remember and learn from their stories. This community history museum will focus on telling the history of Patle, what the village looked like before compared to today, how people lived and other historical moments so that the history of Patle will never be forgotten. This picture will give an idea of the design and materials that will be used.

The Peace Park will surround the buildings and offer all visitors a peaceful place to enjoy nature, walk on meditation paths along a beautiful garden and a stupa and you will find several places to sit and relax. Nearby the garden the visitors will find the parking area.


This project is being initiated and organized by the Ascent Aid Nepal team. Previously Ascent Aid Nepal has been working with community social projects to build schools, roads and drinking water facilities to name a few.

This project will be Ascent Aid Nepal’s next big project. So far Ascent Aid Nepal have found the location for the Peace Center project and invested in the land where these buildings will stand, so far we are hoping for big help from Nepal government but in order for this project to start and become reality donations are important part.



special Thanks from Ascent Aid Nepal team