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Top 11 free online movie streaming sites

Do you want to enjoy free movies sitting in your living room? It’s a great idea because we
all are living in a busy world where we get a short time for entertainment. So watching
movies, holding a bowl of popcorn, some good friends, or someone special is a good
combination. But the question is, how can we watch our favorite movies, seasons, and TV
shows without paying? As you know, the majority of people can’t afford monthly
subscriptions to Netflix and other paid sites. Because our pocket doesn’t allow us to spend
much money on purchasing movie sites but don’t stress, you can enjoy all Hollywood,
Bollywood, Korean movies at your launch LCD or laptops with free movies sites.
There are hundreds of free online movie streaming sites that allow you to watch your
desired movies at any time.
Top 11 free movies websites
Multiple free movies sites are available, but all these free online movie streaming sites are
not safe at all. So here we did some research for you and enlisted the 11 best free movies
online sites. These all websites are personally tried and tested. You can enjoy your movies
● Tubi
Tubi is the most popular free movie streaming site. This website allows you to watch tv
shows and movies for free. However, it does need any kind of monthly or yearly
Additionally, the tubi websites offer thousands of free trending movies and tv shows. But
tubi website show ads while playing movies as compared to other free online movie
streaming sites.
The tubi is also available in the app form. You can download the Tubi app from the Google
play store, apple app store, Roku channel Kiat and Amazon app store.
● AZmovies
AZmovies is a well known free online movie site. This website offers hundreds of the best
movies for free with high-quality videos of 1080 and 720p.
Additionally, you can watch unlimited free movies. Watching movies is easy. You just have
to pick your favorite movie and play it.
● YouTube
YouTube is mostly used app for free video streaming websites. It is equally popular
worldwide. YouTube provides a wide variety of free movies. Additionally, you can watch tv
shows, listen to music and learn too many things from YouTube hacks and tutorial videos.
It allows you to watch movies in high resolution. You can set the resolution according to
your choice. YouTube is a totally free website for watching unlimited movies. Additionally,
the app version of YouTube is available, and YouTube kids are also available for kids, which
is totally safe for small kids. You don’t have to subscribe to YouTube, just type the name of
your favorite movie in the search bar and enjoy your movie.
● Solar movies
The solar movies isone of the best free online movie streaming sites free movie sites free movies online sites movie sites. This website is becoming popular day
by day. The solar movie not just offers free movies، it also allows you to watch trending TV
shows without paying anything.
You can easily find your favorite movies on solar movies because there are specific filters
available on this site through which movies are categorized by genre and country. ●
Flixime is the top-class website for watching movies, top-rated shows, and original series.
This website is the safest of all. It is especially secure for the kids.
The user can watch top tv shows and movies without the interruption of ads. This app is
available at a low cost. However, you have to sign up to watch movies. Flixlime is available
in-app. You can download it from the google app store and apple store.
● 123movies
123 movies are the most popular and most visited site for online free movies. This website
is a free movie streaming site that provides you with high-quality movies with free titles.
Additionally, the 123 movies don’t show any ads as other free movie sites do.
The interface of this website is initiative and user-friendly. Anybody can easily find movies
by adding filters. Then, just click on your favorite movie and tap on the play button to enjoy
the movie.
● Popcornflix
Popcornflix is a free movie streaming service. This online streaming site includes 1500 free
different movies such as action, horror, comedy, documentary, family, romantic, etc.
The plus point about popcornflix is that you don’t need to create an account for watching a
movie like other free movies online sites.
● Peacock
Peacock is basically a news streaming platform, but it also contains tons of movies and TV
shows that are totally free.
The peacock has millions of users because this website is free to use and has an impressive
content library and smooth playback. That’s why millions of people watch free movies on
this site.
In addition, the peacock is also available in-app, and it’s easy to install from the Google play
store. Moreover, few movies are available in the premium version, so you can also purchase
that paid version at a reasonable price.
● Sony crackle
Sony crackle is an advanced free movie streaming site. This website also contains hundreds
of TV shows and original programs like Netflix.
The crackle website works smoothly. All movies and shows are available in high-quality.
The crackle offers a few movies for free. If you want to watch unlimited movies, purchase
its subscription and enjoy bundles of videos.
The Sony crackle app is also available online. So install this amazing app and kill your free
● Go stream
The go stream is the fastest-growing free movie streaming website.
Additionally, this app is an ad-free, easy-to-use interface. This app directed you to the right
movie via link.
But the bad thing about the go stream website is that you can’t see tv shows on this
IMDB tv is a popular free movie streaming website. Amazon supports this platform, and
IMDB provides free movies and TV shows, including original shows. This website contains
all types of movies, like Hollywood, Bollywood, Lollywood, etc. It shows you TV shows from
different countries.
For watching a movie or TV show, sign-up on the IMDB website. Additionally, its free
version shows some ads. If you want an ad-free version, buy a paid version.
No doubt that there are thousands of free movies online sites and apps available online. But
all these free movie sites are not safe for you because few sites contain different viruses,
and few sites just trap you. Hackers can hack your devices via these websites. So if you
want to watch free movies, then choose the safest free online movie streaming sites to
avoid any future risks.
The above-mentioned free movie sites are safe. However, few of them are paid but
available at reasonable prices.
Furthermore, all sites are good, but 123movies are the best of all free sites. If you want a
paid website to enjoy unlimited movies and tv shows, flixime is highly recommended.