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Umberto De Marco was born in Milan in 1987. After graduating in Economics and Finance at Bocconi University in 2010, De Marco started a one year internship at Coronet China – Asian branch of the family company which has been
leader in the synthetic footwear industry for over 50 years now. With the aim of widen his knowledge of the fashion market he afterwards undertook an internship at the US Moncler marketing dept. Once back in Italy, he officially joined Coronet spa. He oversaw since the beginning the planning and making of last arrival to the Coronet Group in Vietnam and supported his father alongside the top management. In February 2015 he was appointed as president. Two years ago he embarked on a journey that would lead him to conceive and launch Yatay: a made in Italy sneaker
brand whose items are made using exclusively sustainable and renewable materials.

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Renata Chlumska rarely says no to new challenges. On the 5:th of May 1999 she became the first Swedish and Czech woman to reach the summit of the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest 8850 meters above sea level. Such an achievement would for most people likely mean the peak of a successful climbing career but for Renata it rather became a springboard towards future projects. But Renata was no novice when she climbed Mount Everest. She had already managed a couple of fantastic adventures. Four years earlier she was in charge of a Swedish Mount Everest expedition as base camp manager and film team coordinator. Once the climbing part was done she bicycled from Nepal to Sweden. A trip thru severe conditions that took almost several months to complete.

The year after, 1997, she arranged an expedition to Tibet and a mountain named Shishapangma. After three weeks of intense climbing and on here second summit bid Renata succeeded in becoming the first Swedish woman ever to reach above the magical 8000 meters without supplementary oxygen by reaching the Central Summit, 8006 meters. After that climb she rode a Royal Enfield motorcycle from India. In other words, Renata is no stranger to challenges.
Renatas interests for the great outdoors, travel and foreign countries started at an early age. Renatas parents emigrated from the former Czech Republic to Sweden where Renata is born. Already as a small girl her interest in sports, outdoor activities adventure and travel had grown beyond being just a hobby and became a lifestyle. During the summer holidays he family would pack their small car and travel all around Europe visiting foreign countries and new cities, camping and sleeping only in a tent. When Renata was twelve, she had explored most of the countries in Europe.
Being a very curious person with a big appetite for trying new sports Renata has constantly tried one sport after another. Starting with ballet and jazz ballet, badminton, bicycle racing, high diving and horseback riding to a bit more adventures sports like sky and scuba diving, paragliding, jiu-jitsu and climbing. Currently she is learning how to sail, and will this summer participate in the ÅF Offshore Race. And it was here curiosity that opened the door to mountaineering, but other factors contributed to here success.
-The tools for reaching the top, whether it is in the filed of sport or the cooperate world, are similar. The importance of motivated team members, communication, managing changes, facing the unexpected and to have magnetic goals are only a few of the ingredients needed.

So, it is not about been a superhuman, Renata says and believes that anyone can makes their dreams come thru if they have the right attitude and mindset. But Renata also knows that the line between success and failure is fragile and it takes a lot of hard work, engagement and determination to make it all the way to the top.
In 2004 Outside Magazine put Renata on the list over the worlds 25 top female adventure athletes. On September 15th 2006 Renata secured her position by becoming the first person ever to circumnavigate the US, excluding Alaska and Hawaii, by her own strength, kayaking and bicycling. An expedition that took her across oceans and mountains, rivers and deserts for 439 days and 18 200 kilometers.
Renata is a recognized speaker and between her adventures she travels across Sweden and Europe giving motivational talks based on her adventures. Renatas next challenge? In 2010 Renata signed up with Virgin Galactic and is now training and preparing for what might be her greatest adventure ever – space!


1992:  Started working for the Swedish Sports Federation, district of Skåne.
1995:  Project manager for the Sweden-Everst Solo Expedition 95-96, Part of the film crew in Europe, Turkey and Pakistan
1996:  Base camp manager for the Swedish-Everest Solo Expedition, 7 weeks. Bicycled 4000 km from Nepal to Sweden, thru India, Pakistan, China and Russia
1997:  Organized an expedition to Shishapangma 8012 m, Tibet. Became the first Swedish woman to reach above 8000 m without supplementary oxygen by reaching the Central summit, 8006 m. Drove a motorcycle all the way from India, New Delhi, thru Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Europe to Sweden.
1998:  Climbing and preparation for expedition to Mount Everest Sweden, Norway, USA, Australia, Europe
1999: Project manager for the Swedish Everest Cleaning Expedition. Became the first Swedish and Czech woman to summit Mount Everest. Motorcycle expedition in India, 2 weeks 2000 Project manager for Swedish North pole Expedition Adventure consultant for Swedish Television Climbed Kilimanjaro
2001: Organized and guided trip to Kilimanjaro Recon on Kilimanjaro for Swedish Television. Organized and guided trip to Mount Everest base camp
2002:  Organized and guided trip to Kilimanjaro Organized and guided trip to Mount Everest base camp
Preparation for kayak expedition
2004:  Selected by Outside Magazine as one of the worlds 25 top female adventure athletes.
2005/2006:  Around America Adventure
2010:  Booked with Virgin Galactic
2012:  Guiding on Svalbard, Training with Swedish Airforce
2013:  Booked with SXC Guiding on Svalbard
2014:  Completed the Seven Summits as the first Swedish and Czech woman ever by climbing Mt McKinely, Elbrus, Carstenzs Pyramid, Aconcagua and Vinson in less than 6 months. (Everest 1999, Kilimanjaro 2000)
2015:  TEDxTalk Kiruna, Guiding on Kebnekaise
2016:  TEDxTalk Prague, Guiding on Kebnekaise
2017:  Nominated Speaker of the year, Guiding on Kebnekaise
2018:  TEDxTalk, Guiding on Kebnekaise
2019:  Guided on Kilimanjaro, guided on Kebnekaise

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Born on the Uddevalla West Coast of Sweden in 1985, Helene Biehler has been a nature lover since she was a child. She is an adventurer by heart who enjoys to swim, surf, dive, run and ski, which has taken her around the world to explore these hobbies. Her fascination for mountains has taken her to Nepal several times since 2010, hiking Hinku valley, Everest, Annapurna region and climbing 6000-meter peaks. This has given her a special bond to the Nepal country and community.

For a living, Helene works within the IT business and has always been very driven and passionate when it comes to her work. To learn new things and develop and at the same time help others succeed is what makes her happiest. Starting out as an IT project manager she has helped companies in the defense, telecom and industry business as well as the community performing large projects with excellent result. Today, she is working as a sales manager for a consultant company. She is a big believer that technology can help people to simplify and improve their lives.

Nilson was born in Stockholm, Sweden. He has completed 28 expeditions, visiting around 100 countries. When he is not on expeditions he gives lectures about motivation and environmental awareness.
After participating in some film work with the Polar Research Team, Nilson began collaborating with Respect Climate. In 2008 he finished his project “Seven Summits Climate Neutral”. After the first Climate Neutral Everest expedition, Nilson was elected Swedish President of the Everest Summiteers Association (ESA), and a member of The Explorers Club.
He received the Medal of Honour from the Swedish Church in 1996. He is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, and received the Orden of Amaranter, the Royal Orden founded by Queen Krinstina.
Nilson has completed exhibitions in Africa and Antarctica, as well as to the mountains Mount Denali (1995), Mount Kilimanjaro (2003), Mount Elbrus (2004, 2008), Mount Aconcagua (2005, 2006), Carstensz Pyramid (2006), Mount Everest (2007), Mont Blanc (2006, 2007), Mount Vinson (2008), Mount Kusciuskzo (2006), Shisha Pangma (1997), Mount Kinabalu (2000), and Heidi Hill Nunavut (1999). His mixed expeditions include the Alaska Walkabout Expedition (1995), Jetski over the Atlantic (2002), Machu Picchu (2005), the Arctic Dogsled Race (1999), and a Borneo Photo Expedition (2000).

Thysson joined Crocs, Inc. in 2000 as one of the first employees and original angel investor – he is credited with developing the initial sales and marketing strategy for all Crocs Brand Footwear and implementing the ‘kiosk model’, accounting for over fifty percent of total footwear sales. Crocs (NASDAQ: CROX) had a $1.6 billion IPO six years later, the largest in the history of the footwear industry. Thysson left Crocs in 2007, and started Lookout Investment Group, a private equity firm specializing in new venture initiation and capital bridge financing. Since 2006, Thysson has been investing in startups in the internet/software/technology industry, as well as university housing, screen printing, medical services and independent film industries as the General Partner of Lookout Investment Group. Currently, Thysson is an Investor and Operations Consultant of a university housing services startup, Dorm Room Decorators, focusing on the 18-30 student demographic and serves on the Board of Directors at AlphaBoost, Crocodile Distributors and Washing for Water. He is an LP in an early- stage venture capital fund that invests in internet, software and technology startups. In addition to his investing and entrepreneurial efforts, Thysson remains passionate about non-profits serving youth in Africa and the U.S. He currently serves as the Co-Chairman of the Board of the GCW Center, a group with efforts focused on women’s empowerment, communal action and education in Rwanda.

född 31 maj 1972 i Nylöse församling,[1] är en svensk äventyrare.
Han nådde som förste svensk Sydpolen (solo, dock ej unsupported) i december 1998.
Skinnarmo begav sig år 2000 iväg på en expedition till Nordpolen tillsammans med äventyraren Göran Kropp. Kropp var tvungen att avbryta expeditionen på grund av förfrysning då han höll en pistol i handen en längre stund vid en isbjörnsattack. Skinnarmo nådde ensam polen och var även förste svensk att göra det.
År 2001 begav sig Skinnarmo tillsammans med ett flertal andra till Grönland med en segelbåt för att tillsammans med Torkel Ideström skida över Grönland på samma sätt som Fridtjof Nansen gjorde 1888. Expeditionen fick dock avbrytas mycket nära slutmålet efter att Ideström ramlat ner i en glaciärspricka och blivit hängande. Hjälp tillkallades och han överlevde.
År 2002 paddlade Skinnarmo i kajak tillsammans med två vänner, runt Svalbard i Salomon August Andrées spår.
År 2003 seglade han och ett flertal andra från Sydamerikas sydspets ner till Elefantön och senare vidare till Sydgeorgien för att skida över ön precis som Ernest Henry Shackleton gjorde år 1916.
Samtliga Ola Skinnarmos äventyr finns i dokumentär/reseberättelseformat på film.

The tragedy of the earthquake that devastated Nepal and northern India in April this year, brought together the authors of this project – Karina Oliani and Andrei Polessi – in a simple idea: transforming into a photography book, the best images of their experiences in the region. A book that in addition to serving as an anthropological visual record of these cultures – that inspires by aesthetic beauty and the discovery of new destinations – can also collaborate in some way with the victims of this terrible natural disaster. In practical terms, by contributing to the production of this book you will also help raise US $ 5,000, which will be used to build a school in Nepal.

Andrei Polessi