1. To help solve existing education, health, poverty and environment related problems in different regions of Nepal
  2. To improve the education status of poor and marginalized people and to assist in creating temporary funds for establishing health centers. What does akshay-kosh mean?
  3. To aid in producing self-dependent manpower by organizing real life skill and self employment based training
  4. To run awareness campaigns on population, environment, healthcare and sanitation associated subjects
  5. To organize programs related to bio-gas so that the environment pollution can be gradually eradicated.
  6. To run programs that will directly benefit the poor, helpless, children, women and senior citizens which will eventually play a role in the overall betterment of the society.
  7. To provide economic, physical and mental support to perpetually sick, cancer, kidney and heart disease victims.
  8. To spread awareness on women’s rights; make them capable and self reliant by setting up training programs.
  9. To run programs of self sustainability on remote himalayan areas by gathering technical, human and other forms of aid from national and international sources.
  10. To create environments by organizing events where the marginalized people can collaborate among themselves to raise the economic and education status.
  11. To organize awareness campaigns and plantation and forest conservation programs to make environment clean and pollution free.
  12. To pull children, youth and others from the abyss of addiction and organize special programs to make them strong and capable.
  13. To utilize different mediums of communications (newspaper, radio, television, street drama and others) to spread awareness and relay important information.
  14. To conserve, repair and advertise the religious and tourist attractions of Nepal; to identify new potential destination and deliver information on national and international arena.
  15. To establish and run schools, hospitals and old age homes aimed at poor and marginalized people on remote areas.
  16. To provider emergency and long term support to people affected by natural disasters.