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Can We Guess What Car You Drove In 1969?

About This Quiz
The automobiles of the 1960s are absolutely iconic. So lots of the very best designs got here from that decade, and in 1969, Carros novos in particular, you can discover any number of vehicles that, even 50 years later, shame the things on the road. From the Pontiac GTO to the Plymouth Roadrunner to the Dodge Charger, this was a time when cars have been constructed to dominate. Positive, they might not have been environmentally pleasant or tremendous protected, however they purred like kittens then roared like lions, and they may tear up a highway in methods fashionable vehicles may only achieve if they fell out of airplanes and landed on them.

The GT-H and Shelby GT have been similar underneath the hood, as properly. Each employed the Ford Racing Energy Improve Bundle (FR1) for the naturally aspirated, three-valve, 4.6-liter V-8, though the Shelby GT was rated at 319 horsepower as an alternative of 325. Both had 330 pounds-feet of torque. Modifications to intake and exhaust were similar, as was the addition of a strut-tower brace.

After the struggle, DuPont seemed for tactics to include Teflon right into a consumer product. Growing nonstick cookware appeared like a good suggestion, however the very factor that made Teflon unique — its slipperiness — thwarted chemists attempting to adhere the chemical to pots and pans. Finally, in 1954, French engineer Marc Gregoire discovered how to adhere Teflon to aluminum. A 12 months later, he launched the TEFAL (TEF from Teflon and AL from aluminum) Firm and started selling the world’s first nonstick cookware. In the present day, DuPont gives its personal line of nonstick cookware products, together with Teflon Platinum Plus, which holds up to metallic utensils.

Commonplace front ends had a brand new face, while rear bumpers held triple “horseshoe” formed taillights. Plush new interiors additionally helped entice consumers. Biscayne again served as the lowest-priced full-measurement mannequin — and regarded the half. Bel Airs continued to lure center-of-the-roaders, but Impala overwhelmed the gross sales charts, as it had for years.