School Project

Shree Janata Basic School General Information & background history Patle, Okhaldhunga Nepal   Pemba Sherpa Chairman JANTA BASIC SCHOOL Cell no.:-977-9849649442, 977-9808410107, 977-9851135348 Education is the fundamental right for all people all over the world, but in Nepal education for the general public started very late. This has affected the development of the nation. Because of the lower number of schools and infrastructure facilities in remote villages of Nepal, many children in these villages are still deprived of their education and many of the schools still lack proper education...


School Dress

About 100 students are studying in Janata Basic School in Khiji Demba Gaunpalika-9 Patle of Okhaldhunga. They are mostly children of the Sherpa community. Students and teachers of the Sherpa community studying in the school, which offers classes up to class eight, should wear the ethnic dress of the Sherpa community two days a week. The school management committee has decided to make the ethnic dress of Sherpas compulsory for students and teachers on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. That is why all the teachers and students of this school have started...


Sangak Chholing Peace Center

Project plans Peace Meditation Monastery Community Education Program hall Community Historical Museum Peace Park    The idea of the Sangak Chholing Peace Center is to offer a shared place for the people of Patle, and for all people visiting Patle, a place to find inner peace no matter economical abilities. At the Peace Center the visitor will be able to learn about mindfulness, the way to help finding self-awareness in order to calm down the mind and find peace within yourself. It will enhance self-development to become more accepting, compassioned...